Choosing the best career move can be the most difficult prospect you will ever face. At Recruitment Answers we strive to take the stress out of the process. We often work exclusively with our clients on a retained basis; which ensures that when we contact you regarding your search we will already have identified several potential clients we wish to discuss with you.

Our highly experienced team will always listen to your needs and desires to ensure we only arrange interviews that meet and exceed your criteria. Our service includes full interview preparation and support to ensure your career continues on the right path.

Interview Tips

Preparation and pre interview

Know your company, look up the web site, trade press, request company literature and find out about their competitors and market conditions.

Location - Allow plenty of time, it is better for you to be half an hour early and wait off site rather than be 1 minute late. Remember public transport can be unreliable allow extra time. Check your route on the day for delays and roadworks.

Presentation - Conservative, corporate and sharp. Dark business suit, white shirt, etc. A client should remember you for your track record, experience, skills and personality not because you were scruffy and wearing a novelty tie. Speak to your consultant and they can advise you of any particular client preferences.


Relax! Interviews are nothing more than conversations, clients want to see you in your natural state so your personality can shine through. In an interview you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, it is an hour of your


A firm handshake, good eye contact and smile make the right first impression.

Let your interviewer lead the interview, don’t interrupt. Be clear and concise with your answers, give the information the client request, and don’t waffle.

Body language is important, sit up straight, don’t fidget, maintain eye contact and keep your hands still.


Never make derogatory comments about previous employers; clients prefer honesty and people who take responsibility for there career decisions.

CLOSING THE interview

It’s the most important part of the meeting.

Clients buy from enthusiasm, if the role appeals to you tell the client and why, what parts of the role do you like?

Find out what the next step is:
Ask if they have any concerns about putting you forward?
Deal with any concerns they may have.